What is the distance between points A(3, 12) and B(6, 15)? Round to the nearest whole number.

Accepted Solution

To calculate the distance between two points, we can use a formula that is a variation Pythagorean Theorem. Look:
"d" represents the distance and coordinates are expressed as follows: (x, y)
Let's go to the calculations.
[tex]\mathsf{d=\sqrt{(x_B-x_A)^2+(y_B-y_A)^2}}\\\\ \mathsf{d=\sqrt{(6-3)^2+(15-12)^2}}\\\\ \mathsf{d=\sqrt{(3)^2+(3)^2}}\\\\ \mathsf{d=\sqrt{9+9}}\\\\ \mathsf{d=\sqrt{18}}\\\\ \mathsf{d=4,24264068711928514640...}\\\\ \underline{\mathsf{d\approxeq4}}[/tex]
The answer is 4 u.c.