The sale price of a swimming pool after 16.5% discount $1135.60. Find the original price of the pool

Accepted Solution

well, let's say the original price is "x", and thus is also the 100% price of the item, however the item is discounted by 16.5%, well 100% - 16.5% = 83.5%, so then the discounted price is really the 83.5% of the item, and we know that is $1135.60.now, if 1135.60 is 83.5%, what is the 100% or namely "x"?[tex]\bf \begin{array}{ccll} amount&\%\\ \cline{1-2} 1135.60&83.5\\ x&100 \end{array}\implies \cfrac{1135.60}{x}=\cfrac{83.5}{100}\implies 113560 = 83.5x \\\\\\ \cfrac{113560}{83.5}=x\implies 1360 = x[/tex]