I need this explained

Accepted Solution

[tex]\text{Hey there!}[/tex][tex]\text7x}^2\text{- 32x - 60}[/tex][tex]\text{The answer is: (7x + 10)(x - 6)}[/tex][tex]\text{Because if you follow the step to the answer (first you have to distribute}[/tex] [tex]\text{then combine the like terms after distributing) after all of that you SHOULD}[/tex] [tex]\text{get the equation back!}[/tex][tex]\text{Distribute}\downarrow\\\\\text{7x(x)=7x}^2\\ \text{7(-6x)= -42}\\\text{10(x)= 10x}\\\text{10(-6)= -60}[/tex][tex]\text{Combine your like terms (terms that has the almost the same thing)}\downarrow[/tex][tex]\text{-42x + 10x = -32x}[/tex][tex]\text{The other terms stays the same because they DON'T have like terms}[/tex][tex]\text{Original problem: 7x}^2\text{- 32x -60}[/tex][tex]\boxed{\boxed{\bf{Answer: (7x+10(x -6))}}}\checkmark[/tex][tex]\text{Good luck on your assignment and enjoy your day!}[/tex]~[tex]\frak{LoveYourselfFirst:)}[/tex]