A vehicle uses 1 1/8 gallons of gasoline to travel 13 1/2 miles. At this rate how many miles can the vehicle travel per gallon of gasoline

Accepted Solution

Answer:12 milesStep-by-step explanation:The problem above is related to the topic on "Equivalent Ratios." The missing term above is "the number of miles that the vehicle can travel per gallon of gasoline." In order to find this term, you have to use the "cross products."Let n be the missing term.[tex]1\frac{1}{8} gallons[/tex]/[tex]13\frac{1}{2} miles[/tex] = [tex]\frac{1 gallon}{n}[/tex][tex]\frac{9}{8} gallons[/tex]/[tex]\frac{27}{2} miles[/tex] = [tex]\frac{1 gallon}{n}[/tex][tex]\frac{9}{8}[/tex] x n = [tex]\frac{27}{2}[/tex] x 1 gallonn = [tex]\frac{27}{2}[/tex] Γ· [tex]\frac{9}{8}[/tex]n = [tex]\frac{27}{2}[/tex] x [tex]\frac{8}{9}[/tex]n = 12 milesTherefore, the vehicle can travel 12 miles per gallon of gasoline.