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Now with 3! Switches

The Coldcraft Bypass system has been updated and now includes 3 switches providing the smoothest, most reliable true bypass operation possible.  A DPDT Relay, Opto-FET and a MOSFET all work in concert to eliminate all clicks and volume issues while providing transparent true bypass.  There are more details on the FAQ Page.

Bypass Board


Boutique vs Premium


I have to say, I hate the “boutique” name used for music gear.  In today’s market, if you’re not mass-produced, then you must be boutique.  Boutique has come to include everyone from the most fantastic, start up designers putting out quality gear at competitive prices to the overpriced, under-constructed klones that flood the market.  It’s so unfortunate that most of the latter are so poorly constructed, they simply aren’t worth the the asking price.  They’re not built to last, they’re not built and marketed with integrity and that’s a shame.

Be wary.  Hand-wired does not not always mean Cornish quality.  More often than you would like, hand-wired means fragile.  This is not to say these “boutique” pedals don’t sound great.  Some of them certainly do, but is it really worth your money if its so fragile?

How it should be done.

Now I’m not going to name any names here.  I’ll leave that to the independent bloggers and reviewers to shed light on, and I think they should.  Musician’s should know what their hard-earned money is going towards, especially if its not worth what they are paying.

Alternately, I suggest we carve a new class of pedals out of all this.  One worthy of buyer’s confidence, built to last with integrity and uniquely designed, not just uniquely marketed.  For lack of a better term, I propose we make the distinction between the Boutique and the Premium, because here’s the thing.  If you building products with integrity, you aren’t afraid to show the insides to back up your claims about wiring, and construction.  You’ll take the time to explain and demonstrate how bulletproof your manufacturing process is, and you’ll back that shit up with a worthy warranty.

Of the current manufacturers, I see at least the following as the Premium class of effects , and worthy of your hard earned money.  I’ll to update this list as I discover others.

  • Caroline Guitar Company
  • VFE Pedals
  • Mr. Black Pedals
  • Dr. Scientist
  • Subdecay Studios
  • Catalinbread
  • Earthquaker Devices
  • Strymon
  • Neunaber Technology
  • MI Effects
  • Blackout Effectors
  • Spaceman
  • Eventide
  • Empress


P3 Power System – Part Deux

Last week I announced that Coldcraft has licensed the P3 Pedal Power technology from DC Voltage Co., to be employed in our future products.  I may have mentioned that I’ll also be offering retro-fits to any previously released products featuring the relay-bypass system as well.  Today’s post is about the P3 System specifically, and how it can make your rig simpler, more reliable and easier to use, expand and change.   Coldcraft Effects is joining an all-star list of manufacturers already using P3, including:

  • VFE Pedals
  • Barber Electronics
  • Fuchs Audio Technology

In a nutshell, the P3 System lets you use TRS Stereo cables to transmit “phantom” DC power to the pedals, while sending the guitar signal in the opposite direction to the amp.  In this post, I’ll be describing two very important components of the P3 System, the Power Station and the Power Splitter.

Power Station

The P3 Power Station, is made by Fuchs Audio Technology as part of their PLUSH line of processors and pedals.  The website description is as follows,

Based on the innovative P3 phantom power technology, the Plush® P3 Power Supply is a self-contained DC power supply, which provides 9-VDC of regulated and filtered DC power to up to 1500 ma (1.5 amps) of pedals.

The Power Station is designed to sit back at the amp, where you use a TS Mono cable from amp input to the Power Station.  The other end of the Power Station would run a TRS Stereo cable to your pedal board, supplying the DC power while bringing the guitar audio signal from board to amp.  This means your board doesn’t need any extra power supplies, adapters or other on board.  It keeps the power transformer as far away from the board as possible, eliminating a lot of noise and hum, as well as any ground loops caused by multiple signal and power lines run throughout the board.

Power Splitter

Of course, the P3 System wouldn’t be very good if it didn’t have the ability to play well with unequipped pedals, so the designers also offer the Power Splitter, also manufactured by Fuchs.  The Power Splitter is essentially the mirror opposite of the Power Station.  It accepts the powered TRS signal from the off board supply, and splits the power from the audio.  This allows the board to use more traditional 3.1mm DC jacks and cables to power other pedals.

It would seem that the DC Voltage Co. has thought of everything with these products and their system.  I encourage you to head over to their site and check out the rest of the applications, including power station-equipped amps, and even P3 powered active guitar pickups.



New Retailer – Chicago Music Exchange

I am very excited to announce our latest retail partner, Chicago Music Exchange, based in Downtown Chicago, IL.  This is the first store I have actually been to in person and I must say, these guys are polite, professional and extremely knowledgeable about everything.

CME will be the first retailer to carry the Cascade MkII when it is released, so check them out!

Contact Info:
Chicago Music Exchange
3316 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago IL 60657
Phone: 773.525.7773
Email: info@chicagomusicexchange.com


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