2015 EchoVerberator


  • Parallel Reverb & Modulated Tape Echo
  • Delay Time, Repeats & Level (Trimmer)
  • Reverb Time & Level (Trimmer) 

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After the smash success of the short run EchoVerb, we’ve revised, repackaged and reinvigorated the design into the new EchoVerberator.  The ‘Verberator features the same ground-breaking parallel combination of lush, responsive reverb and warm, organic echoes and adds a host of exciting new features.

New for 2015

The 2015 EchoVerberator incorporates our new True Power Bypass.  The EchoVerberator is buffered when powered, providing echo and reverb trails in all modes, however should the unit lose power, it will revert to true bypass through a low power latching relay.

Magnetic Tape Voicing

The Echo program features an innovative new wow and flutter modulation that adds subtle pitch wandering to each repeat, just like an Echoplex EP-3.  Additional, the input preamp includes a new dynamic filtering algorithm that reproduces the saturation and transient-limiting response of actual magnetic tape.

Buffered Bypass with Trails

The EchoVerberator features a very unique, hybrid preamp that combines a low noise input stage with an opamp-driven output stage.  This combination preserves the full range of your signal both into the sound engine and out to your amp.  An ambient effect like this usually comes at the end of your pedal board which is the perfect place for a high fidelity buffer to preserve your tone through whatever cable length used, as well as providing smooth transition to bypass with echoes and reverb that trail off.  Trails function in all modes described below.

All Analog Dry Path

While this is a powerful DSP-based effect, we took the extra time and expense to keep the dry signal pure and analog to maintain the “magic” connection, dynamics and response that only analog can give.

Reverb Always-On Mode*

Inside the pedal there is a dual DIP switch.  The rightmost switch toggles “reverb always-on mode” which leaves the reverb permanently connected even in bypass.  This is verified by one color of the dual LED staying on constantly.  In this mode the footswitch activates and bypasses the Echo effect (with trails when bypassed).

Limelight™ Momentary Bypass Mode

The EchoVerberator can be used as a momentary switching effect at any time.  It is intelligent enough to know when you want it to latch on or only activate for as long as you hold down the foot switch.  A normal tap will engage/disengage the effect, but holding the switch down for longer than 1 second when activating it will enter Limelight™ mode.  The pedal will release back to bypass as soon as you lift your foot off the switch.

Future-proof with upgrade-able programming (details TBA)


2015 EchoVerberator Samples, recorded with a Telecaster in the Middle Position into a modified Blues Jr, miked with a FATHEAD BE Ribbon Mic.

Reverb Dwell Range
All Knobs at Noon
Infinite & Runaway Echoes

2014 Product Manual

Old Samples:
Reverb Only

Echo Ohce


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