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Introducing Limelight True Power Bypass

Coldcraft Effects is proud to announce our latest update to the exceptionally clever True Power™ Bypass system: Limelight™ Bypass

The Limelight™ system simultaneously allows momentary bypass and standard latching bypass without the need to switch between exclusive modes.  Operation is simple and intuitive.  If the footswitch is held for 1 second or longer when enabling the effect, it responds as a momentary switch, turning off upon release.  Otherwise it is latching.

Other key features include:

  • True Power™ bypass – should the pedal lose power, it reverts to true bypass.  This includes the EchoVerberator, which has a buffered bypass with trails when powered.
  • Quiet, reliable relay bypass –
  • Opto-FET muting – silent
  • π-filtered power – no noise gets in, or out.
  • Sophisticated Reverse and AC Power Protection


Cascade MkII Press Release

Coldcraft Effects introduces the Cascade MkII Dual Stage Overdrive

cascade__frontWilliamsburg, VA  – July 29th, 2013 – Coldcraft Effects introduces the Cascade MkII Dual Stage Overdrive, an updated and refined version of the original Cascade design.

The Cascade MkII Dual Stage Overdrive combines two distinct gain stages in series with individual drive controls.  Each stage has moderate gain, and when used in combination, the harmonics and saturation multiply for thick, complex tones.  The design also includes a Tone Cut mini-knob, and internal Bass & Mid EQ trimmers.

The Cascade MkII has been updated to include all features common to the Coldcraft product line, including Soft-Touch Relay Bypass, and user-selectable Buffered Bypass mode.

The Cascade MkII is currently available from Coldcraft Effects and authorized dealers for a retail price of $209.

Coldcraft Effects specializes in new and exciting effects for all types of musicians.  For more information, visit

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