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Introducing Limelight True Power Bypass

Coldcraft Effects is proud to announce our latest update to the exceptionally clever True Power™ Bypass system: Limelight™ Bypass

The Limelight™ system simultaneously allows momentary bypass and standard latching bypass without the need to switch between exclusive modes.  Operation is simple and intuitive.  If the footswitch is held for 1 second or longer when enabling the effect, it responds as a momentary switch, turning off upon release.  Otherwise it is latching.

Other key features include:

  • True Power™ bypass – should the pedal lose power, it reverts to true bypass.  This includes the EchoVerberator, which has a buffered bypass with trails when powered.
  • Quiet, reliable relay bypass –
  • Opto-FET muting – silent
  • π-filtered power – no noise gets in, or out.
  • Sophisticated Reverse and AC Power Protection


True Power Bypass

A new feature that has been incorporated into our pedals for the last 6 months plus is a new form of low-power latching relay bypass that reverts to bypass when/if power is lost.  The latching relay only consumes power when changing state, but a clever switching circuit uses a pre-charged capacitor to reset the relay when/if power is lost.

This feature is also being incorporated into the next batch of EchoVerberator pedals.  The EchoVerberator is a buffered bypass effect that reverts to true bypass via the relay if/when power is lost.  Giggity.

New Retailer – Tone Factor!

Tone Factor, one the of the premier online retailers, is adding our entire line to their stock.  It’ll take a while to get all out new offerings to them, but you can check out what they already have here.

PCBs Now Available

Previously, I sold a few DIY projects for sale through a separate website called the Stompbox Depot.  I’ve since moved them here and added them to the shop.  I’m not sure the international shipping is set up yet, but domestic will be $2.25 regardless of quantity for a while.  If you are outside the US, for now just use the contact form to get in touch. So far the original Micro Buffer project is available.  This was a dual channel opamp buffer based on the Klon Overdrive bypass buffer.  Shortly, I’ll be reintroducing the Micro EQ, a mini-sized Baxandall Shelf EQ as well as the Micro Buffer II, based on the Cornish Buffer.


New Pedal Previews

A quick preview of what’s dropping in late June.  These 5 new Coldcraft Flavors will be available in limited quantities direct from our online store, as well as our newest dealer, Tone Factor.  A few details left to finalize (including a few names), but the important stuff is the following,

EchoVerb Compression Preamp Distortion


  • Parallel Reverb & Echo Machine
  • Warm, Organic sound
  • Repeats, Time, Reverb Mix, Master Mix & Level

Studio Preamp/Compressor (Unnamed)

  • Discrete, Studio Channel Strip-in-a-Box
  • Compressor with Input Level, Limiter Threshold and Ratio
  • Dual Response & Frequency Control
  • Downward Expanding Gate

Distortion (Unnamed)

  • Classic Amp-style Distortion
  • Gain, Tone & Volume
  • Compression, Presence & Voice Trimmers

IC Fuzz (Unnamed)

  • Thick, Saturated Gain with Gate
  • Sustain, Tone, Volume
  • Tone Boost & Mid EQ Trimmers
  • Shape Trimmer controls low end “Tightness”

Fiesta Fuzz MkII Mini

  • Simplified version of the Flagship Fiesta MkII
  • Thick, hybrid-vintage style Fuzz
  • Fuzz, Bias, Volume Controls
  • 2-way OD/Fuzz Switch

IC Fuzz Fiesta Fuzz Mini


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