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New Retailer – Tone Factor!

Tone Factor, one the of the premier online retailers, is adding our entire line to their stock.  It’ll take a while to get all out new offerings to them, but you can check out what they already have here.

New Retailer – Chicago Music Exchange

I am very excited to announce our latest retail partner, Chicago Music Exchange, based in Downtown Chicago, IL.  This is the first store I have actually been to in person and I must say, these guys are polite, professional and extremely knowledgeable about everything.

CME will be the first retailer to carry the Cascade MkII when it is released, so check them out!

Contact Info:
Chicago Music Exchange
3316 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago IL 60657
Phone: 773.525.7773


New Chicago Retailer!

Coldcraft is proud to welcome Rock N Roll Vintage to our family of retailers.  RNR is a full service used guitar, vintage guitar and vintage amp shop located at 4740 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago Illinois. They also run an internet mail order business and guitar and amp repair shop with over 35 years of experience buying and selling vintage guitars and amps.



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