FAQ & Policies

At Coldcraft, there is a constant push to make bulletproof, unique effects.  Maybe they don’t cover every base on the field, but we believe these products are the best at what they are intended to do.  Design & features are very important.  Open up any Coldcraft product and you will notice that they are not simple, often quite component-heavy and complicated, yet easy to use from the exterior.

Inside every Coldcraft product built after Jan ’13 there are two circuit boards.  The first holds the effect and all the controls.  The second, smaller board holds a relay-based bypass system, audio and power jacks, as well as all the power filtering and grounding hardware.  Our “bypass board” as we call it, also provides a filtered and buffered reference voltage for the main effect PCB, freeing up space, but also providing the cleanest and most stable power possible.  We use the following components in our products.

  • 1% Metal Film Resistors – low noise, low distortion, low tolerance.
  • Low Noise Semiconductors & ICs (Op Amps and others)
  • Film Capacitors – low noise, low distortion, low tolerance.
  • Alpha Potentiometers – rugged & reliable
  • Neutrik Jacks – solid construction

All Coldcraft products built after Jan ’13 are true bypass using Panasonic latching relay switches. Relay switches have incredibly long life compared to the mechanical 3PDT switches used in most true bypass pedals.

Our bypass system actually has two 3! switches and was originally designed by Peter Rutter of VFE Pedals, and modified by Coldcraft Effects.  The primary switch is the true bypass relay switch, at the output of the effect is a MOSFET Mute switch to smooth out any differences in volume. Also, there is an Opto-FET switch on the input to the effect that isolates and smooths on the on transition.  Opto-FET switching is commonly used in “smooth” true bypass systems as used by Voodoo Lab pedals. By combining the Opto-FET, MOSFET Mute, true bypass relay switching, the Coldcraft bypass system provides the very best in smooth, quiet and true operation.

An exception to the above true bypass system is the EchoVerberator which uses a Class A Discrete Buffered Bypass with Opto-FET Muting to create effect trails when in bypass mode.

Noise is bad.  Noise ruins recordings, performances and just makes us sound unprofessional.  We work hard to make sure every Coldcraft product is as quiet as possible.  All Coldcraft products currently use standard 9V Boss-style DC adapter power ONLY.  No batteries.  This decision was made so that we can fit more features and functionality onto the bypass board in place of the battery.

Batteries = Yuck.

Any good quality, regulated 9v DC power supply with a center-negative tip will do (Boss, Ibanez, Dunlop, OneSpot, etc).

If its not painfully obvious, all of our current products use a common control layout.  This cuts down on manufacturing time in many aspects of the build. In fact, once the different circuit boards are populated, the rest of the process is nearly identical for every pedal. This means we can build a batch of several different pedals at the same time, but at the same speed we could if they were all identical pedals. This is HUGE time saver and quality control boost as it minimizes possible errors.

This same feature also allows us to build a wider variety of effects under one roof, leaving plenty of room for custom color one-offs as well as limited edition runs for specific retailers.

Our warranty is 1 year for the original owner.  This covers parts and labor, and does not cover physical abuse or misuse.

Important!  All Coldcraft Pedals are to be run on 9VDC power, either from one of the industry standard regulated power supplies (Boss PSA, Visual Sound 1Spot, Voodoo Labs Pedal Power, Dunlop Brick, etc.).  DO NOT run this on 18VDC or AC power.  Don’t think “well, hmm, all I got is this 20VAC supply, let’s just try it out.”  To quote a good friend in the music business, “When your pedal gets fried by using the wrong power, you’re going to be experiencing a difficult outcome my German speaking friends call tuffschitt.”  Blowouts from wrong power are not covered by warranty, but we can fix the pedal for a bench fee.

We offer a 30 day Exchange policy for new purchases.  You must contact us first before returning any product for a return authorization number (RMA).  If you are not satisfied with your Coldcraft product, please contact us via email within 30 days of the original purchase date to receive an RMA number.  After you receive a response, ship your product via a guaranteed, track-able shipping service (UPS ground, FedEX ground) to the address provided.  We ask that you return the product in the original product packaging along with all included materials (manual, warranty card, all accessories) and in the original condition that it was received and we will exchange it for any currently available product on our site.

We are a small business and do not offer a cash refund. Unfortunately, we also cannot cancel orders or pre-orders. We are happy to exchange for another product if you are no longer interested in the new release.

  • Returned products must have an RMA number clearly marked on the outside of the shipping box.
  • Products must be returned in new condition, shipped in the original packing material with all accompanying documents and swag.  Worn or abused products or products that are missing accessories will be subject to a minimum 15% restocking fee subtracted from the exchange value.  We reserve the right to deny a return in the case of excessive wear.
  • The return shipping method must include tracking and a declaration of the full value to protect against lost shipments.
  • Return shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer.
  • After receiving an RMA number, the customer must return the associated item immediately and it must arrive within 10 days.  Returns may be denied if returned more than 10 days after an RMA is requested.
  • Once the returned product is received at our facility, exchanges are processed within 5 business days.
  • “Blem”, “B-Stock”, “Demo” and “Prototype” products are sold as-is and not eligible for exchanges.

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